Hey Sis, Take a journey with me into the Bible and discover these Biblical Pro Tips for Solopreneurs! Yes, it’s absolutely true the Bible teaches you how to be successful in your ministry. The Bible is where you will find everything you need to be a successful solopreneur or entrepreneur.

In Exodus 40, God gives specific directions for building the tabernacle to tradespeople, business owners, and skilled workers; today we’d call them entrepreneurs. Bold statement alert:

Your Godly entrepreneurial journey is infused in your DNA It’s up to you to unlock the hidden potential and rise to the invitation that God is gifting you.

Your Godly entrepreneurial journey is infused in your DNA It's up to you to unlock the hidden potential and rise to the invitation that God is gifting you.

I’ve never really built anything that hasn’t come out with extra pieces, wobbly parts, or pieces that don’t line up correctly. Building the tabernacle took great leadership on Mosses’ part and detailed execution from the people building it. Mosses, one of the first successful entrepreneurs, instructed a team of entrepreneurs; who worked together to get the job done. They were diligent in their work. The people were obedient to God and showed they had the ability to persevere to reach their desired result. Building the tabernacle was one of God’s early tests for following directions. 

Drum roll for….the top 3 Biblical Pro Tips for Solopreneurs:

Pro Tip # 1 Teamwork Mentality

Currently, I am an intern with Kathi Lipp. She is a successful entrepreneur who has a thriving ministry of decluttering Clutter Free and helping writers grow at Writing at the Red House. Her ministry is large and growing and she needs a lot of hands to help the vision God put in her heart to thrive. Like Mosses, Kathi Lipp knows light hands make less work. By working smarter, not harder we can see God’s vision come to life.

God gives us the desires of our hearts so that, He is glorified. When Mosses said yes to God; jobs opened up, and skills were sharpened. Do you see how when Mosses partnered with God everything worked out for His glory and the people of Bible times were able to partake in the fruit they all helped to produce in the tabernacle?  

Pro Tip # 2 The Ability to Persevere

As a solopreneur or entrepreneur, oftentimes I feel God calling me to just keep going. A lot of times in building my writing career I wanted to give up. I wonder if it was the same back in bible times. The tradesmen were given a task to help with the tabernacle. They were told to trust God. The Bible never tells us these things but I imagine that humans over time have similar concerns…

Is my family ok?

Will things work out?

Should I move forward with this decision?

It’s no different for you and me today. I can remember the days of asking God, If I take this leap of faith will I fail? The thing He keeps reminding me is that when He is in control He will work things out. We don’t need to worry about the how or when just that it will because; He loves us so much. Start believing in God’s ability to provide, and your ability to persevere; and don’t forget to give yourself grace through it all.

Pro Tip # 3 Give God the Glory

When you want to rip your hair out on your entrepreneurial endeavors, try following the details that God lays before you. First, take a step back, pray; and think about the tabernacle. Everyone had to follow directions down to precise detail in order for the vision to be realized. It’s no different than the structure you are building with God whether it be your business, ministry, or family; every detail matters to God. Moreover, because it matters to God it should matter to you too. Let God guide you through the details like He did when commissioning the tabernacle. When you submit the details to Him He will meet you right where you are. He will ease your burden and set you on His path. 

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