Start your Ministry

Hey Sis, are you a purpose-driven person looking to start her ministry? Are you feeling like you are on a hamster wheel with your business? Are you tired of chasing after trends with the newest social media platforms that say they will grow your audience or make you tons of money? I was in the same boat until I started seeking His kingdom first. It has drastically changed how I do business and life. When we seek God first, he leads us. So join me, and the wonderful community of women doing business for the kingdom.

Titus 2

The Titus 2 community is looking for women, just like you who want to build their business for His kingdom purpose.

  • You will learn how to stop the hamster wheel and start leading with God.
  • Share your gifts with others
  • and equipping women to lead for the kingdom.

Join the Feed my Sheep podcast. You’ll hear interviews and advice from women who are leading for kingdom purposes.

*Already doing business for the kingdom? I’d love to collaborate with you as a guest on The Feed my Sheep Postcast.