Have you ever thought getting your health in check could be hindering you from your best life with God?

If you desire to be a better steward of your body and overall health here are 4 things to help you on road to getting your health in check.

Is your health standing in the way of your best life with God?

1. Know that God is with you in the Journey

The Bible says our bodies are temples (1 Corinthians 6:19), that we are His masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10).

God loves us so much that he sets us apart, creating us each for a unique purpose. He also gives us free will to use the gifts he has given us to further glorify his kingdom.

God wants us to decide how we will honor him.

Practicing good health allows us to start a health routine with Him. This is great news, because we can literally control what we put into our mouths and how often we move our bodies.

Since God is always calling each of us into a deeper relationship with him it’s a good idea to start aligning your mind and body to honor him. Since our mind and body are connected, when we use good food to fuel our body our mind is also being fueled. This helps us honor him; when we are healthy we can do His will more effectively.  

2. Drink more water 

When I’m busy my water intake always seems to take a back seat. To reset my habits, I get out my 32 ounce Arbonne water bottle and drink at least 3 of them every day. Drink at least 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day to slim down and feel your best!

3. Stay active 

Another thing to getting your health in check is working out. Staying active takes a big hit from time to time. I have never been a gym person, I am more of a work out at home, yoga, go for walks and bike rides, type of gal.

But oh man, when I’m busy, distracted or have too much on my plate working out is the first thing that falls by the wayside. When I’m not working out regularly, my mood, confidence, and motivation take a nosedive. 

4. Get my nutrition in check

When I’m not eating right, my body knows it (and lets me know pretty quickly). If I’m not eating clean, I get more headaches, have less energy, get pimples, and start packing on the pounds and feeling sluggish and heavy.

Want to reset with me?? 

Are you ready to start a new health routine, one that focuses on the biblical aspects of health and nutrition while staying strong and healthy?? (You got this, but I’m also right here to help you)

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Arbonne has this 30-Day Healthy Living Challenge and I’m jumping in! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s basically just replacing 2 meals a day with delish protein meal shakes, then eating “clean” for your third meal.   It also comes with all the supplements you need to kickstart your body back into shape, including detox tea and lemon-ginger body cleanse (both are super gentle but effective), prebiotic/probiotic to support a healthy gut, energy fizzies with b vitamins and antioxidants, and more.  It’s basically everything you need to reset your gut and overall health, and IT’S AWESOME. Plus it comes with group coaching (via FB or text), accountability (me + thousands of others!), recipes, shopping lists and more. I’ve done it several times before and can’t speak highly enough about it – you’re gonna love it!    

Wanna do it together??  

We have a fun accountability group of people starting two times a month and you get a free gift of your choice with your purchase.  

Have any questions about it?  


Come on over to our private Facebook Info Group for all the details, or simply email me at sara@sarachinakwe.com if you have questions or want to jump in with me and I’ll help get you going!

It’s 30 days… you can do ANYTHING for 30 days!

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Hey, I’m Sara, a Christian writer who believes every woman has the power to live out God’s plan for their lives. I enjoy helping women shed the negative lies they think about themselves in order to live out God’s truth. I reside in Sacramento California with my hubby and two kids. You can read more at sarachinakwe.com