Did you know God speaks to us all the time?

Yes it’s true, you just have to be still and listen.

One way God speaks to us is through scripture.

For the longest time as a Christian, my Bible sat on a bookshelf. I went to church, heard a great word, and may or may not have gone back the next Sunday for another encouraging word.

Church made me feel good, like watching an inspiring movie.

Have you felt that way about God too? Have you summed this whole Christian thing up to an inspiring word from a phenomenal person at the front of the pulpit?

Let me tell you something, it wasn’t until I really started to lean on God that I saw His magnificent ways were more than Sunday “inspiration sessions”.

Yes friends, I started to deepen my faith and really get to know God.

You want to know something…

Really knowing our creator feels way better than just being inspired.

So what specifically did I do to hone my relationship with Him?

I started to read the Bible and God started speaking to me through scripture, then I was lead to write the scriptures down. These scriptures are God’s specific and unique promises to me!

God has specific promises He wants to share with you too!

Here are 7 ways to make God’s promises come alive

1. Read your Bible

Find a time/place where you can focus on reading your bible. I recommend the NLT Life Application bible if you are just starting out. You may have to wake up a little early or stay up a little later to find some quiet time. Check out my finding quiet time e-book for more suggestions.   

2. Find the promises

When you read your Bible focus on what stands out to you, that is the Word coming to life for you. God will usually focus your gaze at a verse or scripture that will help you with something specific you are going through. That is Gods promise to you.

3. Circle the promises

When you read your Bible and get to something that stands out simply circle, highlight or add color to enhance the promise God is speaking to you. For more on coloring in your and Bible journaling click here.

4. Write them out

Write that promise out in a prayer journal (check out these planner perfect prayer journals), note cards or lined paper.

5. Recite them

Recite your unique God inspired promises daily in your prayer time with God.

Reciting scripture that you don’t necessarily believe to be true may be hard, but rest assured that the God who created you wants you to know the truth about you and your situation.

6. Repeat often

Repeat the same promises in your prayer time with God daily until you are ready to move on to more of God’s promises.

7. Apply them

Apply the promises to your life, lean into God for help as you move forward letting Him guide you to become who He has called you to be.

If you are looking to deepen your relationship with our heavenly father start with reading your bible, listen to God speak to you through scripture, circle and write down the scriptures He is speaking to you and finally apply and carry out the promises in your life.     

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