Master Your Spiritual Self Care Routine

Self Care and motherhood are two words that just arent said often. 

Do we even have the option to practice a self care routine?

Well, let me tell you what I found out in 9 years of motherhood.

Being a mom is the most rewarding and challenging thing I think a woman can do.

Motherhood will grow you in ways unimaginable. You bring this little ball of love into the world.

I knew when I was pregnant for the first time my life would never be the same.

There’s this immense, indescribable love for someone you have never met. And then, all fear, worry and anticipation melt away and all that’s left is love. You get wrapped up with everything baby, then another addition to your family comes, and maybe another before you know it you look up and think…

I don’t know me anymore.

If you’re a mom you probably have experienced some degree of this.

When my kids were born I took on the responsibility of being home with them as much as I could. I did work outside the home for a little over a year, but realized with the second one on the way we couldn’t afford for 2 kids to be in daycare.

So I stopped working and stayed at home, plus I figured why am I paying someone to watch them I want that to be my job…I earned it after all.

Oh man, being a stay at home is no walk in the park. Then I added a home based preschool to the mix for extra income. Well needless to say it was stressful at times.

I often felt I had no time to myself and no outlet. I realized I had to start spending time on myself and intentionally made an effort to do that.

Spending time in a self care routine is essential! 

Here’s how to save your sanity and practice your self care routine

1. Make a list of what you like to do 

What would your list look like? Do you notice your list doesn’t have to be things that cost a lot of money, just things that you ususally can’t do for yourself. When you’ve made your list start doing some the things on it, which brings me to my next point.

2. Start doing some of these things intentionally for yourself

When I started working from my list, It was like I forgot that I was more than just a mom. It didn’t happen overnight but gradually and with bible time I began to make time for myself.

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3. Give up the mom guilt

This is a biggie that so many other moms go through. I have to shed some light on this. When my kids were younger I often felt I couldn’t leave them. It would tare me apart to be away from them.

I felt guilty for leaving them, but knew it would be okay to go do errands by myself. In order to get a break I had to convince myself that they would be okay.

I had to get out of my own head and be more than just a mom for a little while. It was easier as they got older, but the baby and toddler years went that way.

I do have a great hubby that defiantly supports me and my emotions, but this was something I struggled with like so many moms out there do.

4. Prayer

Make sure you are practicing quiet time with the Lord. It is essentail to pray to God because that is where we get our strength. If you truely want to increase your self care pray often, God will give you the strength and know how to accomplish your self care routine Remeber, nothing can be accomplished without God. 

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