A serene picture that reminds us how to be consistently faithful.

I heard God whisper the words consistently faithful after praying about being a better leader. He told me how to be consistently faithful in a season when I focused on the strategy of marketing. As a result, I wasn’t consistently faithful to him.

Have you been in a season too, wrapped in getting the work done you have neglected the creator? As a Christian who leads herself or a group of people, you might think marketing, strategizing, or productivity in business will help you become more successful. However, God desires you to be consistently faithful to him first. 

Be Consistent in Your Faith

Being consistent in your faith is to be fully in God’s presence. Further, not looking to the right or the left but continually focusing on him. Through being consistently faithful, the work that He has designed you for can take root.

As a Christian, you probably know the importance of God’s presence. Paul reminds us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16, “rejoice always, pray continually give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

Focusing on Jesus seems counterproductive when you need to move closer to your goal or feel like you can not seek God through difficult moments. However, focusing on Jesus is the only way He can move you forward in the call he has for your life.

So this season of life, I urge you to the words “consistently faithful.” Try surrounding yourself in God’s love by being close to Him in your prayer. By focusing on being consistently faithful, you will cultivate a relationship with Him. Thus, your journey will be made clear.

He Will Consistently and Faithfully Take Care of You

Let God take care of you and help you become consistently faithful. As a Christian, you are not here to earn God’s love but to be consistent in your faith with Him. Let this season be the season you surround yourself with Him and let Him lead you to the fruit he has for you.

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