At the beginning of my Christian entrepreneurial journey, I wasn’t sure how to use affiliate marketing as a Christian. Did you know, making money and serving God can be simultaneous? A lot of us Christians have had issues with making money on a craft that serves God. However, I have come to realize, if we disregard God in the process of making money, then we have put the service of money over God. Ultimately. God will guide the path He wants for you.

One way God has guided my path as a Christian entrepreneur is through affiliate marketing. Wondering what affiliate marketing is? or How to use it as a Christian entrepreneur?

Here are a 5 ways to use affiliate marketing as a Christian to help your Christian Biz grow.

Affiliate marking is when you refer someone to a product or service; upon purchase, you earn a commission. Essentially, by becoming an affiliate, you are referring people to things that add value to their life. Here are five easy ways to use affiliate marketing as a Christian.

1. Make a list

List out all the sites you like or frequent. Lists help you visualize the services you use. Use paper, a google document, or a spreadsheet. Not sure where to start? Try my free Mega List for Christian entrepreneurs to get you started.

2. Get Your Ask On

Using affiliate marking as a Christian does not have to be scary. It just involves you being able to refer someone to a product or service you like.

Here is the tech side of using affiliate marketing as a Christian:

Step 1. Take the list you created in step 1 then, do a google search for specific companies that you would like to start to earn a commission from. For example, use a company from your list or my Mega List and add the word affiliate behind it.

So, in a google search, enter the words amazon affiliates or WordPress affiliates.

Remember, each company has its policy and directions on becoming an affiliate.

Step 2. Once the company has accepted you as an affiliate, you will be able to post your unique referral code to your social media, website, or email lists.

Thus, asking people to take a peek at something that can add value to their lives. When the customer buys the product or service that you have referred them to, you earn a commission on that sale.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning is important. It helps make everything run smoothly. Having a plan for which affiliates you will promote when is key in not bombarding your audience with so many sales. You want to give your audience meaningful content that serves them and keeps them coming back. Your goal in all this should be prayerfully serving your audience. 

4. Keep searching

Once you have your base list of affiliates and you incorporate them into your workflow, be on the hunt for other services, conferences, and products you can promote.

5. Be Relatable

Let your audience know why they need this service. Relate to your audience why you started using the product and how it helped you. Of course, you will always want to try the product before you recommend it (so you can honestly refer to it).

In conclusion, here are five ways to help you use affiliate marketing as a Christian. Make a list, ask, plan ahead, keep searching, and be relatable are ways to help your Christian biz grow, thus helping His kingdom. I can not wait to see what affiliates you come up with to start serving others. If you need help at any time, drop me an email or connect with me about coaching services tailored to you!

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Sara is a dark-chocolate, beach lover, wife, and mom of two. She believes every woman CAN live the life God designed you for. Sara is a Christian author, blogger, teacher, and speaker. As a woman of color, she has worked to grow diversity in the Christian writing community. Sara believes we are stronger together in Christ. Through her own personal struggle with self-limiting beliefs, Sara established Faithful Life Ministries in 2016, where she empowers you to live boldly for Christ to live your Godly purpose. You can read her wide range of books, devotionals, and resources on her blog