How to Live AuthenticallyI’ve been avoiding the truth from you.

I haven’t been living authentically. 

I wouldn’t blame you if you started thinking…

why would a woman who teaches people “how to live your best self with God” not be living authentically, well the only answer I can give is…


You see I am Catholic, yes Catholic.

I know some readers may be thinking “what’s the big deal”?

and others are thinking my denomination is just wrong.

Honestly, I’ve been afraid of you… yep the ones that are reading this and are judging me right now.

I’ve been afraid that you will judge me, stop reading and never know the fullness I can help you bring to your life with God’s help.

Yep, I even made up this whole story up about you, and I don’t even know you! (can we say the devil’s work).

The thing I want to share with you though is that…


I love…

the peacefulness, beauty and reverence of mass.

that I know what to expect

the celebration of the Eucharist

that I am a part of a larger community

But mostly I love that I am not willing to hide my religious beliefs.

I started thinking… How can we live more authentically without worry or fear of being judged?

To live an authentic life is to be genuine and real.

Here are 3 ways we can start to live authentically right now…


If fear is holding you back from anything, chances are you aren’t living an authentic life (my experience).

Ask yourself…why am I letting fear hold me back?

Ask yourself… did I make up something I tell myself that is not true?

The thing is ladies, we tell our selves stories that we assume are real. They may be based on fear, past experiences or someone else’s circumstance.

Sisters, the only way to reject fear is to recognize it and then let it go.

These are words that I tell myself when fear is surrounding me.

Repeat these words…

I will not let fear consume me!


Whose race are you in?

Are you a SAHM (stay at home mom) who feels unappreciated because you do everything for everyone and have no time for yourself?

A mom who works and has no time for her kids?

Or a mom who doesn’t feel like a good enough parent and is always measuring her skills by others standards?


I’ve been in each of these statements at one time or another, but that’s not my truth.

That is something I am telling myself which allows me the pain and hurt to not live authentically.


By running my own race I can allow myself to be a wife and mom who prioritizes God first, family and then career.

When I run my own race I can honestly say I can do all things with God who strengthens me

It is only when I run my own race that I am constantly seeking to be a better person in Gods eyes (not the eyes of anyone else).

I had to learn how to be in a race with myself for God.


The thing is sometimes we get so focused on what our specific church says regarding our religion, we completely miss out on the overall message.

Or sometimes we may have a hard time relating to other people due to the church they go to, focusing on our differences.


If we put all that aside, you know what’s left …

God’s message to all of us no matter what church we go to is to love one another and spread his word!

The best way to create an inclusive environment is to practice including people.

This brings me to the very reason I created Living a Faithful Life so that all walks of life at all different faith levels will feel welcomed and accepted, no matter what your sins, past, denomination, or faith ability you are welcome here.


In the bible Jesus was friends with everyone sinner, faithless, faithful, rich and poor.

1 Corinthians 12:12-27 tells us that we are one body in Christ.

If I am not including my fellow sister because of her religion I am failing to see Christ in her. I am failing to see her as a follower of the larger community.


Sisters, we all need each other! I pray we let our love for one another no longer be conditional. I pray we let our worldly judgments be eliminated and know that we are all one community!

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