Calling all mompreneurs…


Ever wonder how some mamas handle the demands of raising kids and venturing out on their own to start a business?

The mompreneur/work-life balance series is all about learning how moms just like you find the time, energy and grace to handle the demands of both roles and more!

This is me

I am a Christian blogger here at this post is about helpful tips as a mompreneur.

I am a Christian blogger/mompreneur here at who believes every woman has the power to live out God’s plan for her life. I enjoy helping women shed the negative lies we think about ourselves in order to live out Gods truth.

What I really want mompreneurs to know

I am realizing work+life+business is a balance. It requires focus, planning, structure and giving yourself lots and lots of grace.

My business is important to me because

I realize my business as a calling from God to serve others, but also to grow into the person God wants me to become.

Systems that equal success

I plan every Sunday for the week ahead, I write down all that I have to do for the upcoming week and reassess goals for the previous week. I not only include my time with God but business and writing goals, I calendar in date nights, appointments, home repairs, people I want to talk to or catch up with. I am intentional with this time because I want the connections and things I do outside of planning to be intentional too.

The best and worst parts of mompreneurship

Sometimes it is hard to stay balanced. The rhythms of life will never be exactly the same so for that, I have to give myself grace every day. Some days I may not meet the goal I set for myself, due to unforeseen circumstances. It is hard for me to stay in the moment when I have a lot going on.

Prayer and quiet time 

Prayer in my life and business is everything. Without Gods hand in my life, I would be so confused about the direction to go. He guides me steadily every day and helps prepare the way for me.

Advice for future mompreneurs

I would tell her to pray for Gods timing. If you feel lead to start something do your research, and then prayerfully start! There are so many Christian women in ministry and starting businesses that it is easy to get advice on what steps to take for starting the thing you are called to! Don’t forget to check out the other amazing women featured in the work-life mompreneur round-up post series