4 Ways to Get Monday Morning MotivatedMonday morning rolls around and you think ugh…

I don’t feel Monday morning motived (or that’s you every day). Maybe you have felt like you are running in circles on one of those hamster wheels where you can’t get it together.

Raising kids, working, doing the daily routine sometimes just isn’t that fun. I often feel like there is never enough time and that I just can’t do everything I need to do in a day.

Do you ever feel like you need to get Monday Morning Motivated?

Recently, I discovered the gift of time can take away all those negative feelings and put me on fire to start my day. I found out how to slow down and live each day with purpose. By taking a few simple steps in your daily life, you will be able to get more quality time from your day. Once I started focusing on my mind and body I was able to jump start my mornings and live a more purposeful life. Here’s what I did to get Monday morning motived…


Time with God

First, to make time you have to spend time, (trust me on this one it true) you have to make the choice to spend time with God.

Everything in life is a choice. You have to decide what choice you will make. I finally made the choice to spend every day with God, as a result I feel renewed in his image. I feel different, I feel like a light came on and I can see more clearly.

Now I know I can do everything with God. I know God is guiding my path and cheering me on.

Through God I am courageous, strong, fearless and disciplined. I am kinder, gentler and more loving. Of course I am not perfect but overall God has truly changed my heart and continues to do so.

I challenge you today to spend time with God and see what kind of women he wants you to be. The choice to spend time with God will set your life up for everything else to fall in place. I can’t wait for you to make that choice to pray, read the bible and spend time with God.

Don’t worry I won’t just leave you with nothing to do. My main goal is to encourage you along the way so sign up for my free Master your prayer routine

Create your Community

We all need people around us to encourage us and be there for us. Whether it’s a neighbor, family or other moms.

There is one recourse besides family and friends I found that I know you will love, the power of mom’s online community. It is a wonderful site where women will feel encouraged and gain practical everyday advice and freebies!

This is a little snippet taken from their site “Motherhood can be really hard. But with the right support and tools, we can be happier and more effective while really growing through this beautiful (and often crazy) experience–together” -Power of Moms. There are tons of free resources that anyone can take advantage of I really like the Master the Whilwind ebook course “a way to calm your mind, tame your task list, and truly enjoy your family”

Its free all need to do is sign up! I encourage you to seek out the help of this online community, click here to sign up Master the Whirlwind eBook and eCourse

Another great community is the living a faithfullife community check it out here. We offer encouraging faith filled insoiration from our very own faithful community.

Have a plan

I don’t know about you but I have lots of things going on all the time (welcome to motherhood) it defiantly helps me to have a plan and stick to it.

I write out a weekly plan on a big white board. It consists of what I need to do each day of the week.

I write down what I can realistically accomplish.

Then I put all appointments in my phone calendar which syncs to my google calendar.

I love google calendars it’s so easy and practical. You can create multiple calendars (work, family, organizations that you belong to) I do this and each calendar is a different color so when I schedule something new it all pops up as different colors. For any busy person with lots going on it is very helpful.

Move it!

There is something about moving the body that help me to release stress every day. I personally do a yoga routine to get my body in the right mindset for the day. My husband is more of a rigorous exerciser. Maybe your thing is swimming, walking, running, being challenged with a boot camp work out. Whatever your physical activity of choice is do it and be consistent. Even experts say that some form of exercise everyday leads to a healthier and a clearer mind.

I have given you my top tips for Monday morning motivation. Take time to spend with God, build your community have a plan and exercise. Start living a life with more purpose I encourage you to start today!

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