As I ponder the phrase “on the road to recovery”, the word that stands out the most is “recovery”. In the word recovery, I think of someone in a healing state of being. You can be in recovery for surgery, alcohol, or substance abuse. However, oftentimes we don’t often talk about the recovery of the mind.

Living a Faithful Life Vision

The whole vision of living a faithful life was a result of having gone through my own road to recovery. At this time in my life I was so deep into depression I couldn’t see God’s light. God was able to fill my cup just enough to keep me going.

Filling our spiritual cup is no easy task, it takes a desire and openness to want to be fulfilled. During this time I remember being in constant communication with God.

The Holy Spirit led me to reconnect with him through the creative process. Often times it is in the stillness and creativity where we find God filling our soul. Things like painting, gardening, writing and just sitting in the silence are ways to create a connection with our heavenly Father.

Like so many of us, the only way I could have gotten to the light was to have gone through the darkness.

Lauren Frost at is no stranger to living in the unknowns.

In fact, she built an entire life coaching business out of helping people find their way out of stuck or dark places and leading them to the light.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach could be exactly what you are looking for. A life coach helps you move forward. Unlike a therapist, who focuses on the past and what happened in childhood to move you forward. A life coach focuses on where you want to go and moves you forward. I hear you saying, sounds interesting. Keep reading to hear more.

Creative Recovery

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting and now working with Life Coach Lauren Frost, from Creative Recovery. Lauren’s hope for creative recovery is to move you forward and turn up the volume in your life. She’s not looking for perfection but deeper awareness for your adventure ahead. Lauren Frost is a warm and welcoming individual with her heart fixed on helping you discover and move forward in God’s call for your life. She will be your biggest cheerleader and advocate, offering to link arms with you and God to guide you through the hard and confusing parts of life.

Lauren has the ability to meet each person she coaches right where they are and helps them with actionable baby steps or big leaps to get to where you are meant to be.

Lauren not only has avenues for adults to grow and develop but children too. Her creative approach to recovery is tailored to the specific need of the individual. Lauren offers a 30-minute free coaching session to see if coaching is the right fit for you.

The Road to Recovery

The road to recovery could be a long one involving peaks and valley’s ups and downs. It is through the darkness we find the light. I am here to remind you that you are never alone, let Lauren at creative recovery link arms with you to guide you to the best version of yourself.   

More about Lauren

Lauren Frost is a life coach who believes in your breakthrough moment. She will help guide you through barriers that keep you stuck and brainstorm creative ways you can move forward in your road to recovery. Her flexible coaching style allows her to work with clients worldwide. Lauren resides in Sacramento, CA with her husband and dog named King Dozer.

I had a chance to interview Lauren, click here to watch the video