Staying refreshed in His spirit isn’t easy to do with the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. The last thing I want any of us to do is getting swept away in the allure of the season. You know what I’m talking about right?

The ads that suggest that we NEED that item to make our holiday season the best ever. You know what I think God wants from us this holiday season…

Our hearts to be refreshed in His Spirit. This season I am on a mission to be intentional about becoming refreshed in the Spirit. Join me as I uncover

12 ways to stay refreshed in His Spirit this season

12 ways to refresh in His spirit this season

Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is an amazing tool. Beginning my day with gratitude has helped me stay refreshed in His spirit. Writing down why you are grateful is like turning on a light in a dark room every day.

Prayer Partner

On the way into work every day I talk to one of the best girlfriends. We pray for each other and our families over the phone. We also confess if we are doing well spiritually or not. Our conversations are quick but effective.

We both look forward to chatting in the morning and praying for one another. A prayer partner sets up the day with good intentions.

Christian Meditation

Christian meditation is a practice that was placed in my heart before I knew it existed.

It is the process of letting your mind connect with the Lord in the stillness of life.

A great resource for Christian Mediation is Rhonda Jones. Rhonda’s meditation journal has a wealth of information on Christian Meditation and how you can use it to heal yourself.

Christian Yoga

Christian yoga is another daily way to become refreshed in His Spirit.

This practice goes right along with meditation.

I feel it is the body’s way of physically releasing stress and undesired negativity.

I found a wonderful Christian yoga instructor that I follow for my daily quiet time with God. You can check her out here.

Books for the soul

Reading helps me stay refreshed in His spirit by reminding me I am not alone in the journey. Click here to let me know what you are currently reading


Not too long ago we went to a friend’s cabin to celebrate one of their kid’s birthdays.

When I awoke the next morning I meandered outside and sat on a log. I began to talk to God and write. I felt God in that space more present than ever. The sweet smell of freshwater mixed with pine from the tall pine trees surrounded me.

It was simple, effortless.

I asked God what He wanted me to learn at this moment

He responded with these two sentiments

The river goes on and on just as His love does.


The jagged rock covered in moss was beautiful just the way it was.

God loves us endlessly like the river and in our imperfectness He finds beauty.

Praying as a family

At night we pray as a family.

This is one of the most heartwarming things to do because we each take turns on a night praying.

We have seen growth over the years as the shyness of praying out loud has dissipated.

Starting to emerge are young men who are learning how to pray for their communities, family, and friends.

Reading the Bible

The simple act of reading the Bible get so overlooked in our time. The Bible is necessary to stay refreshed in the Spirit. The Bible guides us. Reading the Bible gives us the understanding to do all the other acts of loving, serving and being with God.

For years the Bible was a book like all the others on the bookshelf collecting dust.

One day I reached for it. I opened it and looked at it as a roadmap for where I wanted my life to go. The words in the Bible guided me to reflect on my past and walk with God on a deeper level.

Here is a link to the type of Bible I like to read.

Praying as a couple

As a couple, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the business of life. When you don’t take time to connect with each other on a spiritual level your relationship can suffer. It has been immensely fruitful for our spiritual growth to pray and read the Bible together.

Praying together has brought us closer together and closer to God.


Conferences help me stay refreshed in His spirit because they are with other people who celebrate God with you. I recently went to Pricilla Shrier’s Going Beyond conference, which left me elevated to walk even deeper with God.

Here are some amazing conferences you should check out in 2020.

Bible Study

Bible Studies are a great way to get refreshed in His Spirit. They offer insight into a particular section in the Bible. The best Bible Study I have done thus far is by Sharron Janes

Woman’s group

In the past, it has been a struggle to connect with a women’s group.

I eventually found that even though I didn’t have a “woman’s church group”; I had a Christian family of women that I had already been cultivating. 

Eventually, I realized there were so many Christian women in my circle.

All of these women at some point have invited me to events within their community or church.