How to overcome the roadblocks that keep you from prayer There are many roadblocks that you from prayer.  We all face problems when it comes to prayer.

The good news is that these roadblocks are just in our mind!

I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

Roadblock: I have no time to pray

Truth: Try to organize it! By being and staying organized your mind and home will be less stressful thus creating a better environment for prayer; you will then be able to think more clearly on what is truly important.

By being organized and intentional you can create more time in our day.

Do you have a place for your keys or are you looking for them every time you leave the house? If you have a designated spot for things you will probably save yourself 5 minutes looking for items.

You just saved 5 minutes for time with God.

Roadblock: I need things in order to pray

Truth: When you are scatterbrained/overwhelmed that’s the best time to pray.

All you really need is a plan for your God time.

If you struggle to keep it all together and feel overwhelmed talk to God about it he will show you the way.

It helps me to have a plan and agenda for every big task I am doing. Every time there is something new on your plate try going to the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

Ask him to help you with this new transition. Instead of worrying and stressing about how things are going to get done use that time to pray.

If God instructs you to write stuff on the calendar or make a family schedule board then do so.

I met this busy family with three kids and two working adults. They prepare their calendar for the whole year. Every appointment or school function they know about at the beginning of the school year goes in a central calendar.

I know another family that has a Monday night meeting to talk about the upcoming week and everyone’s plans so that the family is all on the same page.

If you struggle in this area let God lead you. You may even have to schedule in time for yourself!

I personally use a whiteboard which I erase every week, a kid’s chore chart and google calendars that sync to my phone.

Roadblock: I don’t even have time for myself

Truth: we are intentional about spending time with our hubby and kids. Intentional to show them we care with our actions.

Are you intentional with the care you have for yourself? I started being intentional about spending time on myself.

Half the time I didn’t know how I was going to find the time so I prayed about it, then God answered my prayer by my husband getting up early to cook so I could have more time to myself in the morning.

Ladies when you have more time for yourself you feel better and when you feel better you are more likely to make better choices through the day. Try this and see what happens to your day.

Roadblock: I’d rather talk to friends about my problems than God.

Truth: As women, we are always looking for an outlet a person to talk to. The problem lies with talking to friends and not talking to God about our problems. God knows everything about us.

He is a perfect listener who will only encourage us to do good things (if we are willing to listen and be patient), he won’t share our secrets and we get to share freely and openly without reservation or judgment.

Roadblock: There are too many distractions for me to pray

Truth: It can be hard to be in a quiet space with no distractions, what I do is get up earlier than anyone else (5 or 5:30 am) then I have about 45 min to an hour to read my bible, journal and pray.

Find the time and place that works for you. I have heard of someone going into the bathroom with a rug on the floor to get some God time. Yes, it’s that important!

Roadblock: I don’t feel like praying

Truth: when we take care of the outer body, the inner body thanks us. Things like a healthy bedtime, eating healthy food and exercise all lead to a healthier you which leads to making better choice overall.

It’s really all about forming good habits. I find without that morning God time I am not whole. Ultimately, you will have to find what works best for you. I will pray for you as you enter into making time for God.

Let me know how it’s going. I’d love to hear about your successes and struggles in building a relationship with God.