I had all the boxes checked. Wife, mom, business owner, yet something was missing I wasn’t happy within myself. On paper, it looked like I had it all together, but inside I was dying. I would constantly doubt, feel small, and hold myself back from the life God had for me. I would dwell on the wrongs I had done; causing me to stay stuck in my own self-sabotaging behaviors.

It wasn’t until one day God spoke to me that I dropped to my knees and started crying, he told me I needed to forgive myself; because he already had.

For so long I thought his love was only granted to the “good” people, but the truth was it was me who was unable to love myself. Since then I’ve learned to spend non-negotiable time with him; reading his word and learning his truth.

Faithful Life Ministries (FLM) came from that place of spending time with him and listening to his voice. He was able to guide me into the person and purpose he designed me for.

FLM moves you from developing yourself in Christ to helping others develop in Christ. When your cup is full, you can help others fill theirs.

What’s standing in the way of the life he designed for you? Opt-in to Overcome self-limiting beliefs, so you can live the life he designed for you.