Author’s Note

In elementary school, the Black History lesson was a chapter of our history book and highlighted the enslavement of my ancestors. I didn’t know how to verbalize my feelings when it came to learning about slavery, but I knew I felt shame, sadness, and singled out. It was as if an invisible spotlight on me echoed the words “not enough.” 

I, like so many African Americans, don’t know our origin story. Our last names, for instance, were given to us at the hands of our masters. These factors (along with others) caused generations of people to become disconnected from their history. 

Education in the Black history unit that only focuses on the enslaved can be damaging to a child’s identity, much like my case in elementary school. My first children’s book, You Come From Greatness, birthed out of the need for children to see the contributions of their ancestors. 

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When you decide to have me speak at your school or event, here’s what you can expect:

Smooth Logistics: Together, we’ll iron out the details—finding the perfect date, time, and pricing that suits your needs and schedule.

Seasoned Professionalism: With over two decades of experience as an educator, I bring a deep dedication to the children you serve, ensuring a professional and enriching experience for all involved.

Interactive and Engaging Presentation: Whether it’s a fun and lively reading, an interactive lesson, or both, I’ll tailor the session to suit your preferences and captivate your audience.

Open Dialogue with Q&A: There’s always time for questions! I encourage open dialogue, allowing children to engage with the material and explore their curiosity.

Personalized Book Signing: Following the event, I’ll be delighted to sign copies of my book for eager readers. It’s a special moment that adds a personal touch to the experience.

Valuable Feedback: Your input matters. I’ll follow up after the session to gather feedback and ensure that the event met your expectations. Your insights help me continually improve and provide the best possible experience for future events.

Things to Note:

The book event can be tailored to suit either Zoom or in-person settings, ensuring flexibility and accessibility.

For the most meaningful experience, it’s best if children have the book in hand during the event. This allows for a seamless book signing and fosters a deeper connection during the Q&A session.

I’m excited to collaborate with you and create a memorable and enriching experience for your students or audience. Let’s bring storytelling to life together!